A statement piece amidst the cosmopolitan skyline, Luminare’s high style and expansive modern rooftop deck offer Melbournian guests a Manhattan experience, while only a heartbeat from the city centre.

Everything about Luminare screams style, and when you couple this with our signature Big Group service, you know you’re in for something special. 

Luminare’s high ceilings and spacious proportions lend itself to larger floral pieces – tall centrepieces, voluminous bridal table runners and vast ceiling installations. We also highly recommend a bar arrangement and some kind of signage either at the start or end of the entrance hallway.  There is enough space here to have all the extras!

Chandeliers, globes and candles all work exceptionally well within this versatile space and create a warm ambience once the sun sets.  The venues neutral colours and modern lines creates a flexible styling space that you can really make your own.